Our chief aim is to empower you to achieve and maintain great health, and to help restore your faith in the medical system. Patients come to see Dr. Camp from across the United States and as far away as Holland, Germany, Sweden, and China. Our success in treating patients with chronic diseases, vitamin deficiencies and associated hormonal imbalances is unmatched. Regardless of your age or the length or severity of your problem, we believe that you deserve a life free of pain and suffering. Join the growing community of satisfied clients who have prevented or reversed their illnesses. We assure you that you have never before received this kind of care. We care and take the time to make the differenceAll of what we do is backed by solid scientific principles. Many of the effective therapies we use are not popular at other clinics simply because they are not supported by the hospital/insurance/pharmaceutical conglomerate. We listen to you. We get to know you. We spend time with you. Most of the success we have is simply being thorough in our evaluations. We do not guess what you might have, instead we take an in-depth, broad look at all of the factors that could be causing your problems and do not make assumptions or guesses. In medical terms, this means that if you show up with problem x, we use test by both allopathic and functional means terms at the same time, to discover why you have it. We often find that people have real illness that was simply overlooked by other doctors who didn't take the time to be thorough. We listen, we care, we form a lasting relationship with you, and we help get you better Your Bill of Rights1. Your TIME is VALUABLE. 2. We GUARANTEE that we will be on time for your appointment! No more wasting your time in the waiting room! 3. We will personalize your treatment program to meet your body's individual needs. 4. We uses extensive testing to identify with great confidence the source of your ailments and treats them accordingly. 5. Your consultations are all with Dr. Camp, not a nurse. 6. We want to hear your complete story and personal history. This is one of the secrets to our success. We listen, get to know you, and then we get to the root of what's been ailing you. 7. We take the time to clearly explain to you all your lab results, what they mean, and what the best treatment options are. 8. We expect to be able to help you help yourself!
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